Frequently Asked Questions


How long have you been performing?

I’ve been a professional Guitarist for over 30 years with over 1000 performances in the Central TX area. You’re in capable hands.

Do you have your own sound system?

I own several systems. I determine which on is more suitable for an event once I know a few things such as: The size of the venue, the approximate expected number of guests as well as whether I will be performing indoors or outdoors. I have been able to provide my own sound system for events up to 750 people.

For events larger than that I generally “get plugged” into the existing system at the venue or I end up renting additional equipment and include the cost of it in my quote. All my equipment is compact, professionally looking and high quality so it will not utilize lots of space, nor will it draw unnecessary attention to it.

What equipment do you need the venue to provide for you?

The only thing I’ll need is a single power outlet as well as a Regular-Height Armless chair (multiple chairs will be needed whenever I perform with some of my musicians). For outdoor weddings at a park, in the hill country or a beach, I own a battery operated speaker which will work well for an attendance of up to 150 people.

My ceremony and cocktail hour are in different parts of the venue, is that okay?

Yes, that’s not a problem at all. That happens very often and what I do is have two separate sound systems set up, this way I’ll just need to walk over with my guitar.

Do you have a microphone we could use for the ceremony/speeches/etc?

Yes, I can provide a microphone (I can also provide a microphone stand upon request). Please be sure to let me know ahead of time so I can have it ready.

Do you use backing tracks or loops?

Yes, primarily when I perform as a Soloist as this allows me to create a rather nice atmosphere as well as provide a “Full sound” for events with large attendances. All songs I perform have been carefully prepared and arranged to sound professional and entertaining. When performing with some of my other musicians I rarely use any backing tracks.

Do you perform with other musicians?

Yes, besides performing as a Soloist, I often get booked to perform as a Spanish Guitar Duo, Latin Jazz/Variety Trio and even as a 4 or 5 piece band. More details in the “Ensembles” section.

Where can I find your song list?

This site and my YouTube channel contain a good number of videos where you will not only see me preform a variety of music genres but also see me perform with some of the various Ensembles I offer.

Upon request I can provide a sample list of the songs in my repertoire. However, unless it’s a Wedding Ceremony or a special event (funeral, special awards ceremony, etc.) I never bring a “Set list” to the event, instead, based on hundreds of performances I have learned to “scan the room” and figure out how to deliver a good mix of genres and styles in order to ensure your guests are engaged and enjoying themselves.

How long can you perform for?

I have enough material to play for 6 hours without reading any music and without repeating a single song.

What about volume levels?

As a professional, I am aware my role is to provide Background music so I am always extremely attentive to the volume level of my performance in oder to create the perfect atmosphere so your guests can carry on with their conversations while listening to the music and those who want to listen to it will be able to enjoy every song I perform.

Do you take song requests?

When performing for a corporate event, a birthday party, anniversary, etc., people sometimes come up and ask if I know certain songs. I am always happy to play them if I happen to know them.

For wedding ceremonies, my wedding package includes me being willing to learn up to two new songs which may not be in my repertoire. Additional “special song requests” for any event can be learned and arranged. This process is quite time consuming so an arranging fee may apply.

Do you have any local performances that we can come listen to before we decide on booking you?

No, I perform exclusively for private events and from time to time I may be performing for a public city event where people can come to listen and that’s why I make an effort to make sure my videos are a good reflection of what I can offer.

For some special events I could arrange a face to face meeting so you can hear me play.

How far are you willing to travel?

I’ve performed at events and destination weddings in several states and also in other countries. Please reach out so I can give you a custom quote. For local performances, a travel fee will be added for events outside of the San Antonio TX area.

My venue requires vendors to have liability insurance. Do you have a policy?

Yes, I have a $1 million liability insurance policy in case of any accident and I can list the venue as the “additional insured”.

What do you need in order to reserve my wedding/event date?

In order to finalize our booking, I’ll need a 30% deposit and a signed copy of our contract. The remaining balance will be due either a couple of days before the event date or on the day of the event. Specific details will be provided on the contract.